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The mission of the New York City Greek Film Festival is to establish a presence for Greek films in New York City. The festival aspires to bring the best work of Greek filmmakers to New York audiences and to show the films in the most up to date screening facilities.

Despite an economic crisis that makes the financing of motion pictures particularly difficult, the Greek film industry is experiencing an exciting renaissance. Greek films are finding an audience all over the world and are winning major prizes at international festivals. Film critics are talking about a “Greek new wave.” Yet the American market continues to be elusive. Given the high cost of film distribution and Americans’ aversion to reading subtitles, the US continues to represent a challenge for Greek film artists. But even here things are beginning to change. The Academy Award nomination for “Dogtooth” in 2011 as well as the commercial distribution of “Attenberg” and “ALPS” in 2012 to rave reviews have helped draw Americans’ attention to the cutting-edge films coming out of Greece.

The New York City Greek Film Festival is presented by the Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce (HACC) in conjunction with the Hellenic American Cultural Foundation (HACF). The HACC was founded over 60 years ago to promote commercial and cultural ties between Greece and the US. Today it is a thriving organization of successful entrepreneurs devoted to strengthening the bond between the two countries. The HACF was established two years ago to promote Hellenic heritage and traditions. The festival is funded by supporters from the business, public service, and private sectors. The Onassis Foundation USA is the festival’s principal benefactor.

We hope that New Yorkers will avail themselves of the relatively rare opportunity to see Greek films by coming to the festival and discovering for themselves the work of fresh and exciting new talents.

See you at the movies.

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