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Morris Adjmi, FAIA

Morris Adjmi loves cities. He’s dedicated to understanding the history and complex forces that shape them. As the founder and principal of Morris Adjmi Architects, Morris leads an office that specializes in interpreting those forces to create buildings that are contextual but unmistakably contemporary—buildings that may not feel like they’ve always been there, but feel like they should have always been there. The resulting work, which has become a favorite of both forward-thinking developers and history-minded preservationists, has put Adjmi at the vanguard of revitalizing post-industrial neighborhoods and historic districts with an architecture that bridges the past and the present without reverting to historicism or relying on nostalgia.


Adjmi’s passion for historic and industrial architecture was formed by the cast-iron French Quarter balconies and crumbling Creole cottages in his hometown of New Orleans and refined in New York and Milan during a 13-year collaboration with Aldo Rossi. When he opened his own practice in 1997, Adjmi built on that foundational experience by looking to the fine arts and to new technologies as he reformulated Rossi’s distinctly European approach into one more apt for the modern American city. Today his work is known for its thoughtful engagement with history, distinct interpretation of industrial forms, and creative expression of materials. Adjmi’s integration of tradition and innovation has yielded a body of work that is sometimes subtle, often bold, but always deeply imbued with a sense of place and purpose.


When he’s not in the office, Morris can be found spending time in a gallery or museum in search of inspiration, relaxing with his family in New Orleans, or feeding the chickens at his farmhouse in Connecticut.


Adjmi is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and sits on the Board of the Tulane University School of Architecture. He has taught at the University of Houston and Columbia University and has lectured on historic and contemporary topics in architecture, including his own work and the work of Aldo Rossi. He is the author and editor of several books on Rossi including Aldo Rossi: The Complete Buildings and Projects, 1981-91, Aldo Rossi: Drawings and Paintings, and Aldo Rossi: Collector’s Edition, as well as his own forthcoming monograph, A Grid and a Conversation: Morris Adjmi Architects.


Adjmi is a graduate of Tulane University (M.Arch ’83) and attended the Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies in New York.